Sea Island Linen

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Industry Standard

Sea Island Service

Our one-of-a-kind,
turn key service

  1. *Your rental is yours. We do not mix linen.

  2. *Less than 2% error rate thereby eliminating the worry of unusable linen and shortages.

  3. *In the Hospitality Industry we offer the service of performing by bulk, which saves overall linen costs, or custom packaging for each room, which serves the customer in saving payroll costs.

  4. *For the Restaurant Industry, we offer CREASELESS Table Clothes. Imagine a table cloth rolled like a roll of paper towels. NO creases.

  5. *Every Day Pick-up. Customer does not fail.

  6. *All customers have a direct number of the owner, Angus Rae, General Manager, Jeff Davis and and delivery manager. No Customers Go Down.

Sea Island Service

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Industry Standard

There is NO
industry standard

* There are shortages

* Error rate of unusable items, 30-40%, even though the 
   client pays for it.

  1. Customer linen is mixed into one pool of linen - it is mixed with other customer’s items. For instance, a 5 STAR hotel may receive linen from a local hospital or hotel with less quality bedding.