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Dry Cleaning
Medical Associates

Atlanticville Restaurant- Sullivan’s Island, SC

We’ve been doing business with Jeff Davis of Sea Island Linen for quite awhile now and our linens have never been better! On-time delivery, perfectly folded linens, and super clean Chef’s coats... not to mention the best customer service we’ve ever had from a linen service. I’d recommend Sea Island Linen to everyone!

- Andrew Harris, GM


Medical Associates, -
James Island, SC

The medical industry has many things to worry about and the one thing we don’t have to be concerned with is our linen from Sea Island. Thank you. You’re a great asset to our service.

- Dr. Roger Smith


Palms Hotel- Isle of Palms, SC

The Palms Hotel has been using Sea Island Linen & Rae’s Cleaners for all our linen needs for a little over two years. Angus Rae is the owner and operator of a very well organized company and has taken great care of The Palms Hotel.... they keep close tabs on all the linen needs of their customers to ensure that they are providing the best service possible.

Jared Becknell, GM


Rae’s Cleaners- Sister Business, South Carolina

This is the only dry-cleaning service that has performed impeccable service and not lost any of my items. They have always made my clothes look brand new and have always delivered on-time and have saved me worry and stress.

- Heather LaPerouse, customer


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